Taizhou people

Taizhou people - monkTaizhou has over five million inhabitants, predominantly from the Han ethnic group. A number of small minorities reside in the area, adding to its cultural diversity and flavour.

Taizhou people are also very friendly. They are proud of their home and do their best to show visitors what they have to offer, and local hospitality means plentiful meals and large smiles. They'll do their absolute best to wow you during lunch and dinner.

It may come in handy to understand and speak a few words of Chinese. Though people from Taizhou are extremely clever, foreign languages may end up making things difficult.

Just about 100% of school-aged children are enrolled in school and attend their classes. Though diverse among themselves, all from Taizhou are very well-educated. Primary education is compulsory, and secondary schools have very high graduate numbers. When it comes to Universities, Taizhou is also well served. There are five major higher learning institutions:

Jiangsu Veterinary School (江苏畜牧兽医职业技术学院)

Taizhou Teacher’s College (泰州师范高等专科学校)

Taizhou Campus of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (南京理工大学泰州科技学院; website currently unavailable)

Taizhou Campus of Nanjing Normal University (南京师范大学泰州学院)

Taizhou Campus of China Radio and Television University (泰州市广播电视大学; website currently unavailable)



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